About Us

About us

Next Move Real Estate Company is a specialized company in commercial, investment and residential real estate marketing. It was established in February 2020 and has a diversity of products covering all sectors.

The company seeks to provide various real estate projects to major developers, carefully and professionally selected to meet customers’ expectations and achieve excellence.


Achieve and add leadership values ​​in the real estate marketing field and development.


Providing integrated real estate solutions in real estate projects, marketing and investment to achieve excellence for our clients by attracting and employing the best talents as the best regional and international organization in modern real estate services.
Providing a feasibility study and calculating the profitability of residential and commercial units for investors.


Layout your local marketing goals

Next Move provides and implements marketing plans for real estate projects and products according to the results of marketing studies and positioning.

Determine who your buyers are

Next Move also undertakes the mission of marketing real estate funds, investments and underwriting with the following marketing tools

Ready to deliver projects

Most of the represented projects are almost ready for delivery or have a short delivery period and available with free interest and easy payments methods

Set up your budget

Next Move helps you, through distinguished team with strong experience in the market, to buy a property with a reasonable price for your financial solvency as well as selling it and achieving a good profit​

Think about ROI

A department specialized in leasing and property management, as we can rent your purchased unit, or fulfill your desire to rent a suitable unit that meets your desires.​

Establish what makes you different in the market

A team specialized in the valuation of units and real estate, through a strong market study and familiarity with market data and prices​


Innovation in real estate marketing through developing real estate investment solutions, expanding the customer base, and spreading to the markets qualitatively and geographically.

Provide professional performance internally, to reflect positively on performance levels towards customers.

further plans

Diversity in work and income policies in terms of benefiting from the expertises in the field of real estate appraisal, real estate financing, and exclusive real estate marketing of projects.

Next Move plans to expand in the upcoming years by opening new headquarters in different cities inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Improve Real estate development and making real estate projects that satisfy its customers and gain them excellence


  • Providing the highest levels of customer service.
  • Make a balance behind the common interests of all parties.
  • Perfect work and keep promises

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